Sail into Life Programme – Health Education


The Sail into Life programme is a residential 4 day placement, for up to 4 people (plus one support where required) on board our wooden yacht Fire Dancer, a Holman 42ft Sloop 1965. Our staff include a skipper, therapist/first mate and evening support worker.

We start at 9.30am on Monday morning and run through to 4pm on the Thursday evening, offering 3 nights on board our yacht delivering a real experience of life afloat. The Sail into Life programme is person centred and delivered to meet the needs of adults and young people alike.

The days on-board are structured around sailing the beautiful Cornish coast line and exploring the water ways around Carrick Roads interspersed with psychological education.

In its therapeutic approach Sea Sanctuary adopts mindfulness (although this is not exclusive). This is a scientifically researched approach cultivating:

  • Clarity
  • Insight and understanding which allows our clients to recognise, slow down or stop automatic and habitual reactions
  • Respond more effectively to difficult situations, see situations more clearly
  • Become more creative and achieve balance and resilience at work and at home

The programme is also suitable as a means of prevention, where individuals are encouraged to learn and adopt coping strategies that will see them hopefully avoid poor mental health, or at least, know how to reduce it.

Some of the key themes that emerge on the Sail into Life programme include:

  • General mental health awareness and improving mental well-being
  • Anxiety management
  • Examining unhelpful patterns of behaviour

The Sail into Life programme provides you with a tool box and our practitioners teach you how to use the tools in your life post sail.
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Our Charity

Sea Sanctuary is an innovative marine based service and is the first of its kind in European waters.

We provide an evidence-based intervention combined with the exhilarating activity of Sail Training. Sea Sanctuary operates within the stunning waters of the Cornish coast.

Our service provides an experiential learning experience and we routinely achieve outstanding results. Sea Sanctuary is available to anyone within the UK (subject to an assessment).

Sea Sanctuary seeks to address the very real issue of mental health well-being for those who most need it.

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