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The Restore Centre:


Following the very generous donation of a Laurent Giles Lymington ‘L’ class yacht for restoration, Sea Sanctuary is working towards setting up the ‘Restore’ Centre. We have now secured a premises from which we can run the project but we still have more funds to raise. The “L” class is in need of complete restoration as she is literally a hull. She is a beautiful little yacht with classic lines and the previous owner has provided every possible original part, including the lamps, compass and wooden frames. We are keen to get her afloat but this will take two full seasons once the project is up and running.

The setting up of the project was at the request of our many beneficiaries who wished to remain involved with our service post residential sail with us. The project has enormous potential – traditional boat building, marine engineering, electronics and plumbing.

Currently, our clients are engaged in restoring our current yacht, whether she be alongside or on the hard (out of the water). The restoration is being overseen by boat builders and people skilled in restoration. Sea Sanctuary supplies the tools, the materials and the opportunity to learn new and transferable  skills. The Restore Project helps develop support networks and works hard to reduce the impact of rural isolation.

‘Restore’ will be situated in a quiet location but one that wont be a million miles from public transport. It is our wish however to provide transport where necessary as we do appreciate it is not always easy to access provision, whether that is due to funds, extended waiting times for public transport or poor mental health.

Who can access the project once it is operational? Anyone.

We see the project being able to offer “taster” sessions for a particular trade, short courses and longer term courses which will tie in with local opportunities.

Please contact us for more details.

Our Charity

Sea Sanctuary is an innovative marine based service and is the first of its kind in European waters.

We provide an evidence-based intervention combined with the exhilarating activity of Sail Training. Sea Sanctuary operates within the stunning waters of the Cornish coast.

Our service provides an experiential learning experience and we routinely achieve outstanding results. Sea Sanctuary is available to anyone within the UK (subject to an assessment) and we are professionally accredited through the ILCM

Sea Sanctuary seeks to address the very real issue of mental health well-being for those who most need it.

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