Please find below a list of commonly asked questions. Should you require further clarification on any point, please ask.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

There are 7 berths (beds) including the Skipper’s berth. Most people stay onboard for the 3 nights and each evening, we return to the pontoon at Port Pendennis Marina.

What happens if the weather turns bad?

Before we book a sail we always check the long-range weather forecast to arrange the sail for the most appropriate weather for sailing. We also check the weather in the days leading up to and the day of the sail. If the weather suddenly turns before the sail and we feel it is inappropriate to sail we will contact you and try to arrange another sail date. If while onboard the weather turns, it will be the responsibility of the Skipper to decide if the sail can continue. If it cannot, transport will arranged.

Who will assess me?

Someone from the Sea Sanctuary team will assess you at our office in Penryn. If it is not possible for you to get to our office due to geographical limits, we can discuss a home visit for your assessment. In some cases a telephone assessment can be arranged- this is usually done when the placement is already supported by your GP or Care coordinator.

How long will the assessment take?

The assessment usually takes forty-five minutes to an hour and is an opportunity to establish if our service will be beneficial and safe for you and for you to ask any questions that you may have.

How many staff will be onboard?

During the ‘Sail Into Life’ Programme, there will be three staff members onboard with the Skipper staying onboard for the duration of the trip. We also provide an on-call member of staff who is available 24hrs a day.

Our other programmes will have a similar number of staff onboard but this might vary depending upon the requirements of the sail.

Do I have to provide food?

No. All meals are provided for you whilst you are onboard. If you would like to bring any of your own food, please check with us first as we have limited space onboard. If you have any specific dietary requirements this is not a problem (details should be provided at the referral/assessment stage). Should you wish to, you can enjoy Falmouth’s many restaurants but we find most clients wish to stay onboard and eat as a crew.

What does Sea Sanctuary provide?

Sea Sanctuary provides all weather jackets, trousers, lifejackets and sailing boots. All food and drink is included for the duration of your trip. All bedding will also be supplied.

What will I need to bring?

We will send you a leaflet with what you will need onboard after you are assessed and when a sail date is booked. This includes what clothes to wear, pictures of the yacht inside and out and what type of bag to pack your items in etc.

What is the general day like onboard?

The average day starts at around 8am with breakfast onboard and getting ready for the day ahead. Sailing starts around 9am for a couple of hours, where you can try your hand at sailing or just sit back and enjoy the stunning scenery. Late morning will see the 1st part of the programme delivered (once the Skipper has anchored) and this will be the first of two each day. Lunch is usually around 12.30 for an hour followed by another hour or two of sailing allowing lunch to settle. The final part of the programme is delivered in the afternoon. You can expect to be back at the pontoon for around 5pm each day where you can have dinner on the yacht, shower and have a stroll around the harbour if you wish to do so.

Can I leave the yacht?

Of course! You are able to leave the yacht at anytime when the yacht is alongside her pontoon. We do ask respectfully, that you return to the yacht at a reasonable hour at night and that you remain sober. You will not be allowed to board the yacht if you are intoxicated through drink or drugs.

Can I smoke and drink alcohol onboard?

No. Sea Sanctuary operates a no smoking or drinking policy so please don’t bring alcohol onboard. You are able to smoke on the pontoon once we are alongside. If you wish to do so, we ask that you be careful when wearing Sea Sanctuary kit, to ensure it is fit for use for the next client.

Can I access this service again if I like it?

Yes, if you like your time with Sea Sanctuary and you feel that you could benefit from more time with us, you can access our service up to twice a year. Many clients do return to assess the service again and have found it very useful as a ‘refresher’ of what they already learnt.

How much does it cost?

Sea Sanctuary provides a number of different services and the funding of these placements varies. We would encourage you to telephone or email the office for clarification.

Rest assured; we always aim to keep our costs to an absolute minimum whilst providing a fantastic experience- an experience that saw us nominated for the “Innovation Award” last year!

People wishing to use our service that currently have support from a Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) might have their placement funded through the ‘Sanctuary’ budget. You will need to discuss this matter with your Care Coordinator.

Can I spend longer at sea?

We are currently looking into the possibility of longer sails. We will update the website as soon as we have investigated it further.

Can I donate money to Sea Sanctuary?

Yes. Please go to the ‘Donate’ button on the website. Alternatively, you can contact us for further details.

Can I make suggestions and/or comments about the Sea Sanctuary service?

Yes. Your views are important to us. We routinely conduct research into how effective we are, but we are always open to further suggestions.

Our Charity

Sea Sanctuary is an innovative marine based service and is the first of its kind in European waters.

We provide an evidence-based intervention combined with the exhilarating activity of Sail Training. Sea Sanctuary operates within the stunning waters of the Cornish coast.

Our service provides an experiential learning experience and we routinely achieve outstanding results. Sea Sanctuary is available to anyone within the UK (subject to an assessment).

Sea Sanctuary seeks to address the very real issue of mental health well-being for those who most need it.

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