Stress Awareness Month – How to Recognise Stress

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Each April is Stress Awareness Month and since its inception in 1992, experts have been attempting to not only make people more aware of stress and how it’s caused, but also educate about how damaging it can be and ways to alleviate it. We’re listing some of the symptoms of stress so you can recognise it, and some tips to... Continue Reading >

Recognising an Eating Disorder

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You may have noticed your relationship with food has changed and be wondering if it’s for the better, or you may be watching someone you care about struggle with the way or how much they eat (which can be incredibly painful for both of you). We’re here to outline how to recognise an eating disorder, so you can pick up... Continue Reading >

What an Anxiety Attack Feels Like and How to Cope

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You may know someone with anxiety and are trying to help them cope, you may suffer with anxiety yourself and be wondering if your symptoms are like everyone else, or you may just be curious; for whatever reason you’re reading this, thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about mental health. Anxiety attacks can be absolutely... Continue Reading >

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Mental Health

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In December everyone excitedly asks ‘What’s your New Year’s Resolution?’ and many people may respond, ‘Lose weight,’ or ‘Change job,’, or ‘Buy a house,’, but by the end of January and as the year goes on, you can start to feel a little deflated if things haven’t gone as planned, and you may even feel disappointed in yourself for not... Continue Reading >

Preparing and Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

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As the clocks go back and the coats and scarves come out, some people get excited for the winter months; gingerbread drinks in coffee shops, late night Christmas shopping, and blustery walks along the coast. But for some, entering the winter comes with a heavy weight of sadness and fear in the form of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This mental... Continue Reading >

Five Things You Can Relate to if you have Depression

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If you’ve got depression, things can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle that might never end. We’ve listed five things that you can relate to if you’re experiencing depression, (and don’t forget we’re always here to help). Not All Heroes Wear Capes Sometimes feeling motivated to do things you’ve been dreading can make you feel like a super hero. Whether... Continue Reading >

Could Sea Sanctuary Become JustGiving’s Charity of the Year?

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Here at Sea Sanctuary, we're incredibly pleased to announce that we're entering the JustGiving Charity of the Year Award 2017. JustGiving's annual awards recognise outstanding contributions to fundraising by individuals and groups who have used its service. This year, they want to find and recognise the Charity of the Year also. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase... Continue Reading >

Five Things to Bear in Mind if You Care About Someone with PTSD

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You may have heard the term PTSD banded around and thought it was a disorder reserved for those who’ve been in uniform. Although some of those brave people on the front line do end up with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, many other people also develop PTSD in response to a range of events, including sexual abuse, domestic violence, near-death experiences,... Continue Reading >

Our Charity

Sea Sanctuary is an innovative marine based service and is the first of its kind in European waters.

We provide an evidence-based intervention combined with the exhilarating activity of Sail Training. Sea Sanctuary operates within the stunning waters of the Cornish coast.

Our service provides an experiential learning experience and we routinely achieve outstanding results. Sea Sanctuary is available to anyone within the UK (subject to an assessment).

Sea Sanctuary seeks to address the very real issue of mental health well-being for those who most need it.

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