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Fresh water waves, a safe place to be yourself, and an invigorating sense of adventure sealed with a sea salt breeze…

Sea Sanctuary doesn’t use traditional therapy, but instead uses a unique approach to help those in need in a way to inspire the mind and re-balance the soul.

We take therapy out of the office and onto the water.

Our programmes utilise techniques thought to be the first of their kind in the world. We’ve got a crew made up of skilled sailors, incredibly talented psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists who offer support to vulnerable people and those who want to make themselves more robust against future events.

We’re a mental health charity working with young individuals navigating their way through the stormy waters of life, 999 servicemen and servicewomen who are under constant and intense pressure, and adults all over the country who come to us to learn tools to help them manage life when it becomes too much. What’s more, our unique approach caters for some of the hardest mental health problems to treat.

Our work has allowed us to gain national recognition, and we’ve been runners-up in the prestigious National Lottery Awards for our one-of-a-kind programmes. We’re the first project of our kind in European waters and we’re the first marine service to ever gain backing from the NHS. We’ve been offered support from our high-profile patron Caroline Quentin, and we’ve gained backing from leading brands such as Musto and Breitling.

We’ve got our own Water’s Edge workshop for creative classes for those not keen to step aboard our gorgeous new yacht, Fire Dancer, for our Sail Into Life programme, and we’re proud to say that our service participants have recorded a high increase in their well-being since spending time with Sea Sanctuary.

We help people feel their best, we help to quell negativity and give people their lives back. We restore faith to our client-sailors that whatever happens they will be robust enough to cope in the future. And most importantly, we give hope.

We are Sea Sanctuary… And we’re here to help.



Our Charity

Sea Sanctuary is an innovative marine based service and is the first of its kind in European waters.

We provide an evidence-based intervention combined with the exhilarating activity of Sail Training. Sea Sanctuary operates within the stunning waters of the Cornish coast.

Our service provides an experiential learning experience and we routinely achieve outstanding results. Sea Sanctuary is available to anyone within the UK (subject to an assessment).

Sea Sanctuary seeks to address the very real issue of mental health well-being for those who most need it.

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National Lottery Awards


Member of RYA Training Centre

Runner-up of a 2017 GSK IMPACT Award